New Drawing and Process Post Case study 001

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Case Study 001
I'm using this title "case study"  for process posts about a new works and the process leading up to the final. 

This was the start to a piece called
"Unholy Confidantes"

I'll try to share more in each of these posts.
This started off as a drawing about an old man who I saw as friendless and as I drew the story evolved into his only friend was a demon that kept him from onyone else. 
His only confidante was this unholy demon. 

I used Post It tape to mask off the drawing from here and draw on top with Conte Crayon pastel. 
This warm "wash" does not effect the wax based Prismacolor drawing underneath and can be erased with Kneaded Eraser to great effect when revealing the highlights. 

Then Draw back on top of the color wash with darks and highlits to finish.

Unholy Confidantes
© Steven Russell Black
11"x14" Prismacolor and Conté on toned paper

Ships with a matte and backer ready to place into a 16"x20" frame.

Original Drawing is for sale on my website: